what is Flamingow?
Flamingow is a web application that helps any social media user to engage their network of friends more effectively, by organizing and enriching their conversations online.
Colors make it easier for people to interact with their friends, filter groups of users, catch important posts among the others, distinguish different type of messages.
Personal Buzz
It is the place where all the messages about you are shown.
Messages you´ve sent, mentions, favorites. Show them all at once or just a few only.
Colors make it easier to identify all these types of messages and you can easily configure.
Home Buzz
It is your main timeline where you can see what´s happening among the people you are following.
Follow what´s going on amongst your social circle or focus on groups of users through lists or filtering by color.
The monitor is a special area where users can get notifications of what´s going on in their social networks.
Keep track of users and tags.
Add users or tags you want to the monitor or just click on any "M" you find in the Flamingow interface to start monitoring it.
Rich Tags
Many tags look better on Flamingow. Some examples? Try #raimbow, #rain, #cloud, #angrybirds, #sunny.... and more.
Graphics make it easier to identify certain types of tags and by clicking on them a new additional content will be shown or played.
Flamingow provides users with the ability to create Gmail-like colored labels to color-code their friends and followers.
It is possible to filter in/out different groups of users based on labels.
Media Preview
Any video or image can be previewed inside the main Flamingow interface, without the need of opening another browser tab.
yFrog, Twitpic, Pikchur, Flickr, Instagram, Plixi, PicPlz, YouTube, Vimeo, Imgur and many more.
Reading blog posts and articles hasn´t been easier in Flamingow. The "Reader" lets you read almost any content on the web by removing any other visual distraction from online articles.
No ads, no annoying stuff that is not related to the main content. Focus on what really matters, go to the original article whenever you want and save to read it later.
Music Sharing
Want an easy way to share your new favorite song with your friends? Open the integrated music player, search for it and click "share".
Flamingow users will be able to play it within the dashboard, through the integrated music players.
Other users will be able to click on a special link and get it as well.
Full or Compact, Black or White
We believe three columns are enough. Use the compact view for smaller screens.
Black. Or White. It´s up to you. More skins coming soon...
Flamingow uses the newest technologies available at the moment. Fast interface made of Html5 and CSS3, the magic of JQuery and a core made in Php.
Are you a Chrome User?
Install Flamingow from the Chrome Web Store!